Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2 Recent Sermons,quinquagesima_sun,fr_j_pfeiffer_final,35_min.mp3

Father Joseph Pfeiffer (Mar 6, 2011)
Quinquagesima Sunday (7AM Mass)
(Fr. Pfeiffer correlates the biblical lives
of Abraham, Rebecca, Our Lord and
His Mother Mary to our journey while on earth. That journey is one on the long and narrow road of the cross. He then concludes with suggestions on how we should do
penance during Lent) 35 min,sexagesima_sun,fr_pfeiffer_final,34_min.mp3

Father Joseph Pfeiffer (Feb 27, 2011)
Sexagesima Sunday (7AM Mass)
(Fr. Pfeiffer, visiting priest from the SSPX India Mission, describes how we require the Traditional Catholic Church to obtain our salvation. He emphasized that there are battles to be won from inside as well as outside the Church.) 34 min

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